SJPII Monday Morning Memo!

A quote from Pope Francis:

“We Christians bring peace and grace as a treasure to be offered to the world, but these gifts can bear fruit only when Christians live and work together in harmony”


The regular Monday Morning Message will continue to be sent out on a weekly basis.


  • Evergreen Catholic Parent Update Letter – it is imperative that all parents take the time to read the contents of the attached letter from Superintendent Paonessa.  It is lengthy, but informative as we work through these unprecedented times as best we can.


  • New Way of Learning – as we embark on this new format of learning, I’d like everyone to know that this is all new for our staff as well.  We have never done this, or anything like this.  We expect there to be bumps.  We will not be perfect and there will be so much we will learn as they days and weeks go by.  We have a good grasp on technology and how it supports learning in the classroom, but the pandemic has removed the availability of the physical classroom.  The technology is new and different than what we are used to.  I  can tell you that teachers will be hardwired to try and accomplish too much, at first.  Parents will be hardwired to do the same, at first.  Many will be overwhelmed, at first.  We promise to do our best and we appreciate your support and patience as we learn.


  • Average – as you are likely aware, the recommendations are that students in K-6 are given 5 hours of curriculum/week and Gr. 7-8 are given 10 hours/week.   Just like a traditional classroom environment, students work at different paces.  Although 5 hours may be the target, the range of completion will vary, some will take 2 hours while others may take 10 hours.


  • Falling Behind – from an educational perspective, this is the primary worry of parents.  I’d like to encourage families not to worry about “falling behind” or being in “normal” classes.  The entire world will “be behind” lose months of “normal” education due to this crisis, so those terms are completely relative.  Everyone involved with K-12  education will adjust to the new normal, and normal is not behind.  Everyone is in the same boat!


  • Priorities – other than the traditional “three R’s” of learning (reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic) we struggle to deliver content and curriculum without first having a relationship with students.  Please encourage your children to do the work they are given as best as they can, but not at the expense of their relationship with you or their siblings.  Your interactions with your children is an opportunity to draw our faith into your conversations.  It is an opportunity for parents to model empathy, compassion, tolerance, and patience.  Those are the values I hope you prioritize with your child.  If you only do half the “work” but model these virtues, then you are doing an incredible job!


  • One Stop SJPII  - This is an all-purpose link which will be useful in some capacity for most grade levels.  There is no expectation of usage or completion.  It is another source of information that we can update for you as needed outside of the regular curriculum you will receive from teachers.  Please check it out!


  • Bus Registration – please utilize this link as the one-stop shop for everything you need to arrange bus transportation for September.  All transportation enquires can be directed to the Transportation office at 780-963 8452


  • Spring Verification Forms/Intent to Register  - these important forms were sent home to all families with students in Kindergarten to Gr.7.  We would really appreciate your prompt attention in updating these forms.  If you have not yet returned these forms, we will be contacting you directly.


  • Public Access – we have been asked to communicate to you that the school is closed to the public until we are advised otherwise.  Our amazing custodial team deep cleaned the school over spring break.  The vast majority of families have already collected what they deemed to be essential items.  If you have an emergent cause to come to the school, please call to make arrangements.


  • Staff Video – just prior to Spring Break, some members of our staff got together to create this little video.  We hope it brings you and your children some joy!  It was fun making it!


“I give you a new commandment, that you love one another.  Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another.  By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another”  John 13: 34-35