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SJPII Monday Morning Memo!

Stay at Home Guide for Parents – Evergreen Catholic has created a simplified guide for parents to use when their children are sick.  Please see attached and keep it handy for your convenient reference.  We hope it easier to follow for everyone!


School Council Annual General Meeting – the 2020-21 SJPII School Council Annual General Meeting will take place virtually on Weds Sept 23 at 6:30 PM.  If you are interested in attending this meeting, you are asked to email Mr. Murdoch no later than Tuesday Sept 22 at 3:30 PM to declare your interest.  Those wishing to attend will be sent specific instructions to log in virtually through Google Meets.  This is an engaging and welcoming group who make an incredible impact on our school.  They have been working hard at fundraising for a new playground!


Crusader Sportswearplease have a look at the link !  Deadline to order is Sept 30.


Food in School Reminder – there are clear provincial guidelines around food in school during COIVD-19.  As a result, treats cannot be sent from home for birthdays or special days, regardless of their origin.  Teachers will not be distributing food or treats in classrooms.


Alberta Health Services Immunization Program – as you can well imagine, this group has been extremely busy the last 6 months!  Please have a look at the attachment from them, which provides some insight on how the regular school based Immunization program will be administered this year.  This information is particularly relevant if your child is currently in Gr. 7 and may have missed an immunization in the Spring due to school closures.


Gr. 6 Parents – the first scheduled Immunization date for SJPII is Weds Oct 14. An Immunization consent package from Alberta Health Services will soon be sent home with your child.  Please check your child’s school bag for this package which contains information about the vaccines that your child is eligible for in the Grade 6 school-based immunization program, along with a consent form for each vaccine.  In order for your child to be immunized, each consent form must be signed and returned to your child’s school by the date indicated on the envelope.  For tips on preparing your child for immunizations, please refer to

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact: Westview Public Health School Team at (780)968-3700 and press 3


Gr. 6 Immunization Education – typically the Health Nurses would visit Gr. 6 classes in September to go through the Immunization process, alleviate potential student anxieties, and answer any student questions.  This year that important information will be delivered to Gr. 6 student in a digital context, prior to the Weds Oct 14 Immunization date.


Immunizations for AT HOME learners – parents of students who are currently working with the AT HOME learning program may contact the Public School Health Team to make alternate arrangements.  If these families anticipate a return to IN PERSON learning later in the school year, they may also choose to be part of a “catch-up” Immunization day, currently slated for mid-January.


Fun Friday Theme Days – every so often, we will be designating a “Fun Friday” where students can optionally participate in a “Theme Day”.  This Friday Sept 25 is Jersey Day!  Show your pride for your favorite amateur or professional group or team!


“Did Ya’ Know?” Series – this year, we have created a series of information posters that we intend to communicate to families on a weekly basis.  They will share many of the outstanding programs, events, traditions, and initiatives that we are part of.  We are so proud of our school, and we want to show it off in as many ways as we can. This week, we share information about our Faith Theme and how we are celebrating our School Opening Mass virtually!



St. John Paul II Catholic School


“Have no fear of moving into the unknown. Simply step out fearlessly knowing that I am with you, therefore no harm can befall you; all is very well. Do this in complete faith and confidence".

St. John Paul II